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We have more experience in manned electric flight than most others worldwide. With aEro 1, we've shown that we have what it takes to bring an electric aircraft into the air. We aren’t waiting for technology to improve and catch up with our designs - instead we’re designing fast, safe aircraft with today’s state of the art.

With over 30 years of experience in Swiss commercial helicopter operations, we understand the real world requirements of VTOL aircraft. Our engineering team with years of aircraft construction experience is building aircraft for rugged operation in harsh environments. Our patented combination of proven aerodynamic concepts with the latest technology makes our aircraft rock solid with unparalleled performance.

Dominique Steffen


Dominique has extensive aviation and engineering experience. Dominique is a World Cup Champion in paragliding aerobatics and a Red Bull competition pilot. Dominique is widely recognized as being the inventor of many of today’s aerobatic maneuvers whereby he was inspired by his close friendship with the world renowned Red Bull Pilot, Hannes Arch. A passion for paragliding and aerobatic flight, Dominique developed and tested more than a dozen paragliders. Dominique thus brings considerable expertise and experience in the area of flight static, aerodynamics, flight-testing and system integration - especially for “man-carrying electric aircrafts”. Dominique acts as the CEO of Kissling & Zbinden with responsibility for projects totaling more than CHF 1 billion with a team of over 130 engineers. Dominique holds university degrees in civil engineering and project management including a Masters in Business. Dominique is responsible for the overall design and construction of our aircrafts.
"Dominique has extensive aviation and engineering experience."

Thomas Pfammatter


Thomas has both extensive management and aviation expertise. Thomas’s career has included several management board positions as CEO and CFO for both entrepreneurial and multinational companies. Thomas was CEO of the Swiss based Sotax Group, a world market leader in pharmaceutical testing instruments. As a professional commercial helicopter rescue pilot with Air Zermatt --- in addition to being a fixed wing, IFR rated and a passionate aerobatic pilot --- Thomas's mission experience includes 3,000 rescue operations and over 10,000 hours of flight experience. Beside of his management skills, he published as well a scientific book about implementation of OMM (operations management manual) and OM (operation manuals) concepts under EASA guidelines. Thomas holds a Bachelor degree in Economics, a Masters degree in Finance and an MBA from the University St. Gallen. Thomas is responsible for the aircraft configuration, certification setup and commercial operation of Dufour Aerospace.
"Thomas has both extensive management and aviation expertise."

Jasmine Kent


Jasmine is an entrepreneur and software engineer with experience in GPU technology, kinematic simulation and real time media with 8 years experience at Google and 3 years in the games industry at SEGA and Code Artemis. With training in DO-178C and safety critical software development, Jasmine is responsible for the software and control systems development.
"Jasmine is responsible for the software and control systems development."

Thomas Kindler

Legal advisor

Thomas holds a PhD in law from the university in Bern and advises Dufour Aerospace on legal matters. He is also an entrepreneur and investor with global experience. He draws on his broad legal and management competencies to advise us in the set up of our structures and with our international customers.
"Thomas holds a PhD in law from the university in Bern and advises Dufour Aerospace on legal matters."

Damian Hischier

Chief Test Pilot and Head of Certification

Damian is one of the few civilian class 1 test pilots who has flown as many as 138 different types of aircraft from gliders to airliners, including 15 first flights of prototypes. He has broad experience test flying electric aircraft, including SolarStratus, and was heavily involved in certifying many other aircraft. He is also an accomplished engineer and project manager with a successful track record in cross-functional roles and broad scope programmes. Damian keeps a close watch over new technology trends, and adapts proven business models to collaborative work environments. As our Chief Test Pilot and Head of Certification, he oversees the whole certification process of aEro 2 and other aircraft.
"Damian is one of the few civilian class 1 test pilots who has flown as many as 138 different types of aircraft."
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