Accelerating Sustainable Aviation
Dufour Aerospace is building the aEro VTOL, an advanced electric aircraft that brings you from your doorstep to nearly anywhere you want over 5 times faster than a car but at the same cost per kilometer.
With today’s
aircraft you have to
make a choice:
Take off vertically with a helicopter, or travel quickly with a plane. Electric propulsion allows us to combine these two worlds. Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) aircraft will collect you at a rooftop vertiport, lift off, and then transition to a fast mode of forward flight to take you to your destination in a short time. And they will do this with much less environmental impact than today’s aircraft.
Urban and
rural transport
At Dufour Aerospace’s home base in the Swiss Alps, we also intend to revolutionize mountain and rural transport. For example, you can travel from Zurich airport to Zermatt in 30 minutes, instead of the more than 3 hours it takes today by train or car. Or in 22 minutes from Milan instead of driving more than 3 hours.